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More Than 14 Years of Trustworthy Handyman Services

Our company owner, Dean Edwards, found that his value was beyond the companies he was working for, so he decided to start a business himself and bring that value to the consumer.

At Edwards Handyman Service, our advice is always based on the customer’s needs and not our own. We are not going to gouge you for prices because we make sure our services are worth your time and money.


What Sets Us Apart

We offer fair prices as well as exceptional services and workmanship on all of our home repairs and replacements. You can expect us to be experienced, reliable, and honest. We ensure that we will leave your property better than when we found it.


Who We Serve

Edwards Handyman Service provides home repair, water damage repair, and more for a variety of clients including homeowners and business owners. We want to be your go-to handyman service provider not just once, but for the years to come.