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Our home is one of the most valuable investments we make in our lifetime yet somehow a lot of people still struggle with proper upkeep. Even if we’re busy with other things, we should not forget that our house is precious and it’s important to give it the care it needs.

At Edwards Handyman Service, we’ll do the heavy lifting for you! We handle repairs and replacements on residential properties as well as light commercial work. We serve customers in Roseville, CA and surrounding areas within its 10 to 15 mi. radius.


Why Choose Us?

Being in business for 14 years, we have proven to deliver high-quality services to our clients consistently. We are fair and honest, and we do not gouge the customer with prices.

We want to make our services more accessible to you, which is why we are one of the few handymen in the area with an online presence.

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Our highly experienced staff will help you in keeping your home fully operational and in top shape.
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